Instructions to Members

The form below need be completed only once.  Once completed, it will publish the information provided by the user to the Johnston County Member Directory.  That page will be visible only to the user who created the entry, and Association staff. It must be reviewed first by Association staff for completeness and payment must have been made. Once approved, the page will be made public. 

Should any of your business information change after creating a page, please do not complete this form again

Instead, please log in, go to your page in the directory, and edit your entry directly there, updating the information. When doing so, it will again switch the status of the entry to one requiring Association staff to check it and re-publish it.  This is done for your safety, in the event your computer is hacked and the credibility of the Association membership as a whole, as well.


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Select whether you are a Builder Member or Associate Member. A Builder Member holds a North Carolina General Contractor License.
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Please upload your company logo or something that effectively represents your company visually. Please use a jpeg, png or gif file. Up to four images can be uploaded. Do not upload any images that individually are more than 100kb. Note that if another field is incorrectly filled out when submitting, the images won't upload. You will need to correct that field and then add the images again.
Contact Name of Member - please use first and last name
The email address you use for company business
Provide a street address for your company.
Provide a street address for your company.
Builder: which shall be open to any person, firm or corporation that is licensed by the State of N.C. as a General Contractor, and is in the business of building or rebuilding homes, apartments, schools, commercial, industrial, or other structures normally related and appurtenant to a community; or in land development; and who transacts such business, or resides within the territorial jurisdiction of this Association; is of good character and business reputation; agrees to abide by the provisions of the By-Laws of this Association; subscribes to the purposes of this Association, and meets the approval of the Board of Directors.
Your company tagline. This field is limited to 60 characters only, spaces included.
Describe your company's activities, history, successes, specializations and outline any information you would like customers and clients to be able to see at a glance. This field is limited to 500 characters (around 80 words).
Entries are published for a period of 365 days from submission
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